Disruptive Technologies, Ethics
and Global Development


The annual flagship event of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) provides a multi-disciplinary platform for practitioners and researchers, engineers and polymaths, policy makers and NGOs, technologists & social scientists, to collaborate, exchange experiences & good practices, and discuss social, cultural, economic and ethical implications of emerging technologies.

As this year’s event is hosted by IEEE Kerala Section in Region 10, IEEE ISTAS 2016 will build on the momentum created during last year’s Symposium by focusing on the potential impact and implications of disruptive technologies (including IoT, Cloud Computing and Green Technology) on Global Development. It will also showcase IEEE’s activities addressing Global Development challenges, including IEEE SIGHT.

Thematic areas of particular relevance for papers, practitioner presentations and community engagement workshops include Agriculture and Food Security, Education, Energy, Environment and Healthcare. Please visit the CFP link more information on how to submit proposals and papers to the Conference.